Monthly Memberships

Join Up & Running Sports Therapy Clinic’s Monthly Membership and receive discounts on treatment sessions and sports massage sessions. You do not have to be registered to Paypal to join, you can use a debit or credit card through Paypal’s secure system.

Sign up today for £4.99 per month!


You cancel your membership at anytime, but with these fantastic benefits i’m sure you won’t want to!

What’s Included In Your Membership?

Monthly Memberships – £4.99

  • 15% off Sports Massages (excludes concession fess)
  • 20% off Treatment Sessions (excludes taping sessions and concessions fees)

The membership will allow you to stay on top of those reoccurring niggles and prevent injuries. As you’ll be able to receive assessments prior to any treatment or massage sessions, review your regression / progression and set targets.

Discuss how to maintain and provide supportive information to help you get ‘Up & Running’ again and enjoy your daily / sporting activities without having to take time off to re-educate your body and build your way up from the bottom!

Always going the extra mile to help to smash your goals!

‘Believe – Achieve – Repeat’